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"East of Eli’s sound falls into the indie alternative pop category, merging various flavors from classical, hip hop, pop and electronic dance music. The resulting sound projects a cinematic pop essence flowing with persuasive melodies, mature harmonics and captivating rhythms."Huffington Post

Create Change

Joining our tour is our community-led organization, Create Change (founded by CEO East of Eli, CCO Chyler Leigh and CBO Angelo Lagdameo). In corporation with Create Change, specific EOE shows will be donating percentages of ticket sales and merchandise to a local non-profit in every city. Information will be available at the door of these shows. is a discussions website connecting artists/activists to social causes, register now to learn more.

As stated by Chyler"We as artists all in our own rights, have real creative superpowers meant to eradicate injustice and the prejudices that have shattered the foundations on which we stand upon. Regardless of tool or trade, we are all capable of conveying a message of prosperity and creating a flourishing, lasting change that will echo into the hearts of future generations."

What is Create Change?

Meaningful change is created by the visionaries who can capture the hearts and imagination of people. Among these visionaries are innovative artists and civic activists who have the unique ability to see culture as a means to address the great social challenges of our time. Create Change is a solutions-based community of artist/activists connected by our social networking platforms and live experiences. We believe in generating compelling content and unvarnished perspectives—by looking beyond the surface of the celebrity headlines and trending hashtags—to learn how artist/activists are using their talents, creativity and personal brands to raise awareness for social responsibility and how they are finding solutions that will make a positive impact on our world in a real and tangible way.

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