Jada’s eoeXperience

The feeling of closeness and togetherness between everybody is truly unreal...

The first time I went to an East of Eli concert was March 29, 2018. The concert was in NYC on a boat, and it was featuring Chyler Leigh. I remember everything so clearly. Walking in, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know much about East of Eli. When I arrived, I met Chyler first she came over and she hugged me. We then found out there was a problem with the boat, so the concert began with an acoustic set outside. From the first time I heard East of Eli play, I fell in love. Watching Nathan singing was breathtaking. I also got to watch Johann play guitar, which was equally amazing. When we got on the boat, I got to meet Nathan and give him the mini model guitar I had made for him and Chyler. I waited by him, as another person was giving him art. Beautiful art that I could never dream of making. When he was finished, I gave him the guitar I had made. It was nowhere near perfect, but he still reacted the same way he had reacted to the beautiful art. Grateful, and excited. Nathan made me feel so amazing, and made me wish I had knew about him, and the person he was all my life. Being at that concert made me feel complete. It was like there was something missing from my life, and I was lucky enough to find it. After that night, I wanted to go to more, and I got my wish. On June 15, 2018 I got to go to another concert in NYC. This concert was a little different. It was just Chyler and Nathan, and the whole concert was acoustic. Watching them and listening to them sing brought me so much joy. I got to hear songs that weren’t played at the first concert I had been to. After the show, I got to see Chyler and Nathan again. They remembered who I was, which was amazing, because I was only one out of a hundred, maybe more. What makes them great is not their fame. It’s their hearts. They truly, genuinely care about every person. My third concert was recently in Saratoga, NY on August 18th. I swear, every time I go it just gets better and better. I didn’t think it was possible. I got to see Chyler and Nathan again before the show, with my VIP tickets. Nathan had hurt his knee, but he didn’t cancel. When I got into the van, they greeted me with hugs. I gave them a book that I had wrote for them, and they told me how excited they were to read it. We also informed Nathan that I wanted to use his music for something and wanted to ask his permission first. He responded by telling me he would help me, by emailing the music to me. He told me he would do it on one condition; I show him and Chyler the finished product. I was so excited that they would be interested to see. I was so happy with their reactions. Nathan was such a trooper at the show. Even with his knee hurt, he was still able to rally the crowd an put on an amazing show. Truly, amazing and breathtaking. My favorite part is how everybody in the crowd comes together and sings along. The feeling of closeness and togetherness between everybody is truly unreal, something you could only experience by being there, live. It only took me one moment with Chyler and Nathan to fall in love. It only took me one moment listening to East of Eli to fall in love. I have been to three concerts so far and I look forward to going to many more. Nathan and Chyler saved me. East of Eli saved me. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn’t met them and heard their music. I have learned so much, including; the ability to speak out for what I believe in, the ability to give me hope when everything else is broken, and the ability to make me feel like I belong and matter. I have become more confident in myself by going to these concerts. I have met so many amazing people who believe in me, support me, and give me hope. I consider myself so lucky to have found East of Eli, and I remind myself of that every day. Honestly, they saved my life.

—Jada Silverstein


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